Xavier Leroy aka versatility!

The Saint Jacques family is made of passionate watermen for whom performance and style do not suffer from antagonism.

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Introduce yourself: Age, where did you grow, homespot ?

38 years old, home spots : anglet, les corsaires.

How did you discover surfing and what did you like ?

It's a family story, father and brother are surfers too.

At what point did you know that this passion will become more than a hobbie? What is your results ? Which riders have influenced or influence you?

At the age of 14, the surf business was full power, brands were looking for riders ... .. Junior France champ, 9th junior European championship. The whole Taylor Steele generation (Machado, shane Dorian, Kelly).

You also ride SUP and surf-foil? Where does this versatility come from ?

When I I was a child I bodyboard then longboard, the other boards came naturally. I think that having the right tools according to the conditions and not confined to a single practice makes you progress and always having fun.


Why surf-foil?

Why not 🙂

Can you tell us a little more about this discipline ?

Nex discipline for surfing mais not that much for kiting or even sailing.

It looks ultra technical and physical ?

It requires a very smooth wave feeling because the 3rd dimension does not exist in the surf.

It's a confidential sport ?

for now price and possible danger explain the low numbers of riders.

Do you need specific conditions like flat water and no wind ?

the swell, the swell 🙂 nothing but the swell !!!!

Did you hurt yourself ?

Not even a scratch so far ! It is not nearly as harmful as people have been led to believe.

Does your surfing basics help you a lot ?

Yes obviously, we get really close to surfboard feeling.

Top riders at the moment ?

The Hawaiians are really good, they get especially really good waves to evolve.

Is it the same foil in kite or windsurf ?

It's ame principle but not same size. Wing is bigger for surfing as we use only the swell power.


How to manage other riders in the water ? There is a big controversy right now, what future for this discipline ?

We do not ride the foil in the same areas as the surf so there is a controversy to my opinion ... again once the ignorance of some people provokes exaggerated reactions .... It happened the same thing with SUP ten years ago ... today they are everywhere without much troubles.

Frankly, it's not convenient to travel with sup and foil gear ?

Not done yet, but not more than another board bag. The problem is rather travelling with surf gear.

What is a typical day for you ? What is your favorite spot ? The spot you dream of ? The spot that haunts your nights ?

Surf eat repeat 🙂 My homespot is best for turns, Landes for barrels, and down south when it's huge.
Mentawaii when we go back ???

Where do you find inspiration when you run out of energy or when you do not feel good ?

Basque country : the most beautiful place on earth.


Your future projects ?

Enjoy family life, surfing. Maybe next winter Belharra riding of foil !?

Shortboard or longboard ?


Basque Country or Landes ?

Basque country

What do you do when there is no wave ?

Running, bike, family

What other sports do you practice ? Which sports would you like to do that you do not practice ?

Running bike a lot.

Kitesurf I'm still waiting for a teacher;)

What does surfers think about kiters ? 🙂

Nothing, not much wind here for kiting;)

We often see you riding electric bike. What is the goal, don't pedal anympre, you're so lazy ?

Right, with age you save power, aha. Basically it's more about finding empty spots.

What does riding mean for you ?

A concept, a feeling, a very human side that had left surf industry fr a while.


Your favourite Saint Jacques Wetsuits pieces ?

I love them all !

Short John or Shorty long sleeve ?

Elliot shorty long sleeve

Victor or Stan ?

Victor 4/3mm

Where to follow you on social networks ?


Your playlist of the moment ?

A lot of electro

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