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Guaranteed atmosphere for a successful fitting. 

Paradise islands with amazing sunrise 

Ocean Players in La Reunion Island

Our first shop on the island! Picture coming soon.

A few words to describe the atmosphere in the tropics?

Animated by the passion of sliding on all the supports

The best products

Quality services and advice

Warranty and after-sales service

And what about the boss ??

Professional Windsurfer for many years, Pierre Godet is what is called a waterman in the sense that he practices windsurfing, kite, sup and foil on different supports. Nothing better to express yourself knowingly about the products of the store.

staff stand up paddle la reunion saint jacques neoprene

Meet Marius in Mauritius thanks to JC from Son of Kite! 

How is Son of Kite in a few words?

A dream setting against the backdrop of the Morne Brabant mountain, the kite-lagoon is the ideal place to learn kite, water up to size and wind 300 days a year!

Sonofkite shop is a true water-addicts rendez-vous:  besides been a core surf / kite / Sup / foil store , it also is a renowned kitesurfing school.

No need to say that you have dream spots ! 

(Laughing) That’s true. Riders from all the world are heading to our home spot : Oneye 

Probably on the top 3 of the most consistent and powerful left, that wave is where we constantly challenge all Saint-Jacques gear.

barrel mauritius le morne surf kite neoprene wetsuit saint jacques

How would you describe your state of mind ?

Kind of like those wetsuits , Sonofkite is Different and Professional. 

Are you mopping around the globe? We must be able to find Marius for you  

Schurrer’s surf shop in South Korea 

Are you looking for a good swell in South Korea? You will need a little gear! Go say hello to Jin in his refined and vintage shop.

shop vintage surf saint jacques wetsuits neoprene korea

If you had to describe your shop in a few words?

A small local surf shop for retro style surfing enthusiasts.

What is your favorite sport?

Surfing without a doubt! Especially with oldschool shapes under my feet. Single fin addict welcome!

What is the mythical spot near you?

Namae beach is the spot near the shop. If you come here, you need to try this amazing spot! 100% sure you're going to like Korean waves.

Since when do you work with Saint Jacques Wetsuits?

Oh man easy question (laughing), since the begining!

 saint jacques wetsuits neoprene surf korea

Na Fali in Poland 


You go through Poland? Excellent! Come and meet the locals: Dagmara and her little 4-legged friend that display a big smile on their faces!

dog smile neoprene wetsuit surf poland

One word to describe your state of mind?

"Do what you like and you'll never have to work in your life."

And we believe that she really loving her job. She is the only one who set up a shelf in the middle of the beach! Congratulation Dagmara, you won the contest of the most original installation.

poland surf shelf saint jacques neoprene wetsuits

What are your favorite sport?

Everything that could be practiced into water. I'm passioned by ocean. Both surf and wakesurf are my main hobbies!

For how long do you work with Saint Jacques?

For 1 year now, and I'm looking way further !!

Find our Saint Jacques Wetsuits retailers in France.

Glisse pour Tous


A word to describe the atmosphere in your shop?

Here the atmosphere is very cool, friendly. First of all, we are passionate and business is not our priority, we try to offer products whose probity is verified internally.

We work only by appointment or restricted hours (example: winter evening from 17h to 19h 7/7 days and by appointment from 10h to 21h)

We work a lot on tests to be sure about material technicity. We also spend lot of time at coaching.

Our school is aptly named: it is the slide for all and whatever the type of practice as long as the smile is at the rendezvous!

 marseille combinaison neoprene stand up paddle

What practice made you switch into gliding sports?

We practice a lot stand up paddle, even if we know windsurf, surf ect ... We ride this support for years, which we made our specialty! But without putting aside all the variations that include water sports of course.

What are the mythical spots near the shop? And the spot you dream of at night?

We are far from the seaside but in less than 30 minutes we find beautiful spots like Carro, Sausset, Prado, Lecques, La Ciotat.

Currently we dream of Chicama ... and we will end up doing this trip!

And you have been riding in Saint Jacques for a long time?

Phew ! Almost from the beginning! It's been 2 years now that we ride your products with a huge smile, see for yourself!

staff surf neoprene wetsuits marseille


 Surfone Leucate

Port Leucate 

Describe your state of mind in a few words


frontage surfone surfshop neoprene wetsuits saint jacques catalonia leucate

Since 1978, Surfone leucate is the shop for sports enthusiasts in Port Leucate (South Coast).

The program is : Kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, skateboarding and recently, foil and wing.

Reseller Saint Jacques since 2017.


A good shop as we like them! And about spots ? You don’t seam to be unlucky.

(Laughing) Without any doubt ! The mythical spot of La Franqui, famous for the Mondial Du Vent, attracts riders from all over Europe and the world. And it's right next to the shop! We are waiting for you my friends!

 staff surfone surfshop neoprene wetsuits saint jacques catalonia leucate


Glisse Pro Shop 


 Since 2010, your store in Montpellier wants to be the specialist of the luggage and the accessories for the practice of your favorite sliding sports: Kitesurf, Windsurf, Surf, Bodyboard, Skimboard, SUP, Snowboard, Skateboard and Bike. Find in our shop a very wide choice of products including the superb Saint Jacques wetuits

One Life


What is the shop spirit?

One Life, Live it, Love it, Ride It.

What are your specialties?

Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP, Surf, Combinations and textile

The mythical spot near the shop?

Wissan of course!

Since when do you work with Saint Jacques?

Since the shop opening in March 2018.


Part of the French west coast team? No problem, here are the Saint Jacques spots 

HSA Hossegor Surfing Academy



surf hossegor la graviere support local shop

What is the state of mind of your shop?

A big smile every morning, waves and friends. As simply as that. Here we take the time with our customers to make them feel at home!

What are your specialties?

Surf thoroughly! But in general, everything that is retro with psychedelic designs and that can slip!

The mythical spot near the shop?

Our shop is in Hossegor ... Are we really answering to this question?

Since when do you work with Saint Jacques?

Since the beginning of the brand sacrebleu ! And we intend to continue!

saint jacques combinaison neoprène

Our article is ending and you know everything about our top resellers! People driven by their passion, who are ready to make you discover our products with a smile screwed to their lips. To work with Saint Jacques is to be different, while getting closer to the practitioners. And it makes us happy!

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