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The Saint Jacques family is made of passionate watermen for whom performance and style do not suffer from antagonism.

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Introduce yourself: Age, where did you grow, homespot ?

My name is Delaere Paul-Conrad, I am 27 years old, I am a Masseur-Physiotherapist. I grew up on the Opal Coast near Le Touquet. I am currently living in Corsica where I set up my practice with my partner.

How did you discover paddle sup and what did you like ?

I discovered SUP in 2005-2006 on a Surf magazine where Laird Hamilton was seen crossing the Channel in SUP. I immediately wanted to try, so I took an old windsurfer and kayak paddle and started like this. SUP was really non-existent in France at that time. During a journey in the Basque Country in August 2006, I found a SUP 12'1, my parents gave me a gift. For the record, it was the same board that Laird used when crossing the Channel, as I say that I keep it carefully and always surf when I go back to the North. The feeling of standing up in nature and confronting the elements is great. We can really do everything, walk, surf, races, river, ... Thanks to SUP, I directed a part of my life to physical preparation to always be effective and limit accidents. It also helps not to soften too fast! 😀


Can you tell us a little more about this discipline? It looks ultra technical and physical? Is it a confidential sport? Do you need specific conditions like flat water? The rider at the top right now? It's the same material as in wave or slalom? What material do you use?

Anyone can practice Paddle SUP provided to have the proper equipment. Ideal for beginners, it is better to start in mild conditions. A wide board, not too long and a paddle well adjusted. It progresses very quickly and especially instead of lying down all day long on the beach, it is a crazy body. SUP solicits all the muscles of the body and I know what I'm talking about i’m physiotherapist. I think it's also why it attracts so many people. Then comes the practice in competition, whether waves or race, you have to train again and again to be on top. Titouan Puyo is, I think, the best French racer. In waves Pierre Rollet is the champion of France at the moment.

We do not use the same material for wave and race practice. Even if we can surf the waves (bigger or smaller), the race boards are 12'6 or 14 feet long and are very narrow to go as fast as possible on the water. The wave boards are shorter and a little wider (maybe not), they must be as manageable as possible to get closer to a classic surf.

I use boards JP-AUSTRALIA including 14 '. I started recently SUPfoil with Sroka equipment. The foil revolutionizes the practice, sensations are incredible but it is not to put under the feet of anyone.


Is it hard to travel with Paddle Sup materials ?


OOOOh yes it is !!!! You don’t have any choice, you need to see everything big… big car, big garage. Fortunately the inflatable Sup is very interesting. It’s now possible to go to the spot with a motocycle, scooter, bike with your inflatable sup on the back and a paddle 3 parts ans enjoy the session.

At what point did you know that this passion will become more than a hobbie ? What are the different tours and competitions ? Do you have a track record ? Which riders have influenced or influenced you ?

I felt this feeling during my first SUP race in 2011, one of the biggest at the time, including many of the best French rowers. I had a very good ranking. The 2nd race at « the Paris boat » I was in the top 10 while I had a smaller board (12'6), the others were in 14 '. On the pool, during sprints I won against the best French of the time. Then I won my first sponsor.

In France, in the 2 categories (12'6 and 14 '), there are different French Cups to qualify for the respective French Championships. Then there are very big events in Europe, the Eurotour from May to July. In the world, there are other emblematic competitions gathering the best racers world then the ISA world championships of which France is vice-champion.

The starting point remains Laird Hamilton, because of his ease and style. But in race I am inspired by several people to develop a technique that suits me.


What is a typical day for you ? How do you organize your work and your passion ? What is your favorite spot ? The spot do you dream ? The spot that haunts your nights ?

I have a very busy job where I work regularly from 7:30 to 21h (or 22h) non stop. When I hold a training depending on the weather but I still try to be most often in the water ... not enough for my taste ... already too much for my girlfriend !: D But every day I play sports, I often go on the water the night after work. Weekends is obligatory.

I like my current homespot, I put in the water and depending on the weather and conditions I train either in waves, on the apartment or with the wind. I have no surprise on the day of the competition because I go there in all weathers.

I dream of course Hawaii, Tahiti, Indo. Paradoxically these same spots make me a little scared. That's why I train for the car I want to be ready on the day

Where do you find inspiration when you run out of energy or when you do not feel good ? Do you often hurt yourself ? What inspires you ?

If I'm lacking energy, I simply rest. That's why I hardly hurt. My job helps me detect the first alarm signals and react in time. But the SUP allows me to keep up the morale, if I spend several days without being in the water, I become really execrable. Once I had a big elbow injury during my practice of SUP in the waves, I had just had my physio contest. I stayed 8 months without going to the water ... talk to my girlfriend, she will tell you how I was! : D


Your future projects ?

Participate in the biggest races in the world that will dream me from the beginning. But above all, make the most of the possibilities of SUPfoil.

You are also followers of surfing rowing. It is also a passion or a complement to your activity? Shortboard or longboard? What other sports do you practice? Which sports would you like to do that you do not practice? What does the SUPers of the kiters think? 🙂

I have always been a surfer. But the SUP has helped to significantly increase the number and quality of sessions. Since I live in Corsica, I have the chance to have waves of qualities, allowing me to practice surfing more regularly (but shhh). I love surfboards, I go from shortboard to longboard without problem and even to surf-foil now.

I practice all sports related to water (kite, windsurf, kayak, canoe, apnea, bodysurf, ...) but also trail running, fatbike, mountain biking, skiing, etc ... as well as team sports. In fact I touch everything.

So, I practiced for many years Kite, I spent at the time a lot of tricks oldschool and newschool but some weariness was put in place ... Yet I loved the Kite but the SUP allows me to to spend and exceed myself even more physically. Initially the kite I did not touch before 25-30 knots, then I started to make SUP by these conditions ... it was necessary to make a choice. I favored the SUP effort.

Choose a surfer, an artist and a musician who inspires you and tell us why ?

Kelly Slater, the best surfer of all time. A lifestyle almost irreproachable allowing him to compete now more than 40 years with young people.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor), we look a little like I do not think ?? : D Nan is an actor that I like for his roles and in addition it is a surfer.

Ben Harper, I love his songs, he's a surfer and he's too cool as a guy.


What does riding mean for you ?

What I love with Saint-Jacques is that we stay connected even on the spots. It really lacked combinations like that, what's more by taking French fashion classics.

The must have!

What is the play Saint Jacques Wetsuits that you could not do without ?

All parts are irreplaceable. Every season, every condition, there is the appropriate room.

Short John or Shorty long sleeve ? Victor or Stan ?

I did not manage to choose so I took everything ...

Where to follow you on social networks ?

Instagram (delaere.paulconrad_lifestyle)

Facebook (perso: Paul-Conrad McDee / athlete: Delaere Paul-Conrad)

Your playlist of the moment ?

I trust Spotify.

A tip for young people who want to do as you ?

Break the aprioris, forget that you have no chance and go crazy. Work always ends up paying! Being passionate remains the key despite everything.

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