Jean-Phi Feu of Rinôcérôse : the surfer musician

Jean Philippe Feu, guitarist and composer in the group "Rinôçôrôse" since 1996, discovered surfing at the same period with his longboard Stewart of 1988 bought secondhand to a surfer ... Palavasien surfer. His group "Rinôçérôse" is now considered by the international press as one of the pioneers of the genre "electro rock". The group has traveled the earth during 20 years to play in the festivals and clubs of the world. Moby, fan of the group, program "rinôçérôse" in 2001 on the Zone 1 tour with more than 18 dates that cross the United States from east to west. After the last concert in Los Angeles Jean-Philippe leaves the group and rolls to San Onofre and its legendary wave! ... The ideal wave for longboarding. In 2005 the title "cubicle" of "rinô" group is chosen by Steve Jobs to illustrate the global advertising of the new iPod. Success in Japan, the group goes to the land of the rising sun and Jean-Philippe takes advantage of his travel to jump on a plane and go to visit Hawaii where he surfed Diamond rocks. On the north shore, he went there too, but just to ... look! In 2009 he met Walter de Castro in Montpellier, who was very similar to him: author and composer in the very popular group "Babamars" and longboarder like him. Without wasting time they go on surfing trips to Morocco, then to Costa Rica where they wrote together their first songs. The exotic-inspired musical project has born to Costa Rica and it's called "Ocean Club" and is part of the big "surf music" family.

Some questions to Jean-Phi, the surfer musician

Between surf and music, if you should choose just one ?

Painful question! I hope it's the only one 🙂 Well, I chose the music ...
so I stop surfing but I go back to body board as in 1989!

With these two equally passionate passions, is there still place for something else ?

Yes: give courses at the Faculty of letters in Montpellier, Faculty "Montpellier Management", Facilitate courses in awareness of road safety, Manage an association,
Raising a 3-year-old child, spending time with my other 23-year-old child, painting skulls on upholstery.
I'm also thinking of adopting a dog at the SPA but I think a little ...

What is your surf destination to which you go tirelessly ?

Costa Rica! 5 times in a row, and it's probably not over. The reason for this obsession: Waves every day, waves at my level, no rocks, no coral, no sharks, and a perfect bungalow, in a standing say ... "semi-bourgeois".

And music level, what is your best place you have ever played ?

With "Rinôçérôse" it's not a secret we love Spain above all, and Spain makes us feel good ... We played in the most beautiful festivals including Benicassim several times. But we also liked the United States, and Japan. audiences are different in all its countries. the Belgian public is also very festive.

A surf trip that trots in your head and you have not realized yet ?

I have long wanted to organize a boat trip to the Maldives.
Again, it seems to me from the videos that I see that the waves are adapted to my level in longboard.
My only brake is the season I like to go in winters and I believe that there it works in July, August, September.
I will miss aperitifs and sunsets at the Basque coast ...

Your favorite Saint jacques Wetsuits ?

I just bought the Boardshort Saint Jacques Wetsuits that I love, and i really want to take the Short John Robin that I wear on the first picture above !

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